Hedgerow Software Ltd. is Canada’s leading provider of software solutions to agencies responsible for environmental health and public safety.

Our Hedgehog product suite consists of a flexible data management tool that streamlines all program areas and regulatory processes, a remote use component that automates field inspections, a disclosure website that optimizes online presence, and a web-based application that allows direct communication between field inspection staff and inspection facilities.

We empower agencies by offering a robust solution that increases the effectiveness of field inspection staff:

  • issue permits and licenses
  • manage complaints
  • perform risk assessments
  • perform inspections
  • automate compliance
  • provide advanced reporting
  • collect data consistently
  • easily share data
  • and much more

Let it Empower Your Agency

Increase the effectiveness of your office and field inspection staff by equipping them with the right tools.

Our Clients

Our purpose is to provide user friendly tools that enable them to work efficiently, collect and share reliable data, and produce enforceable documentation.

Tools for Managers

Hedgehog.Net enhances management capacity with tools that allow for scheduling, real-time progress monitoring and workload assessment. Reliable data supports quality improvement and accountability processes.

Bottom Line

Our products empower effective decision making and optimize resource management with defensible core metrics and customizable reports designed by you, for you.

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