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Hedgehog Application Suite

The Hedgehog Application Suite includes an integrated set of components: Hedgehog, the Hedgehog Disclosure Site, and the Hedgehog Portal.

With Hedgehog, your agency will experience increased field productivity and improved service delivery. Our mobile solution offers field users real-time data, electronic inspection forms, and automated inspection scheduling. The Suite’s browser-based components provide a means to receive online complaints, permit renewals, application submissions, and fee payments from the public and regulated businesses.

Our flexible solution adapts to each agency’s unique business processes with configuration tools that promote agency growth, make changes simple, and eliminate reliance on costly custom programming.


The robust database engine.

Hedgehog streamlines all programs and regulatory processes in a single database. Data-driven workflows make navigation and finding information intuitive and efficient. Personalized dashboards, powerful grids and reporting, mobile field capability, and unmatched configuration tools are just a few of the features that make Hedgehog one of the most reliable environmental health data management solutions available in North America today.

Hedgehog is developed on the Microsoft .NET Framework in a Smart Client implementation, and can be supported in an agency-hosted environment or a Hedgerow cloud-based environment. The user interface is flexible, full-featured and modeled after industry-standard software.

Key Features


A user-defined one-stop location for accessing all information in Hedgehog.


Multi-functional grids allow users to find records, launch workflows, and create ad hoc reports.


Administration workflows allow you to define your use of Hedgehog without customization.


View and perform activities right from your personalized dashboard.


A snapshot of your current responsibilities or your team's progress.


See the status of internal and external notifications to make certain you know when information was received.


Configure what you need to see, when you need to see it (routine inspections, follow-up inspections, open issues, timesheets).


Generate a variety of exportable charts, graphs, and list reports for quick analysis.

Management Centers


Modeled after familiar industry-standard software for ease of use and positive adoption.


Find what you need with Google™-like searches and advanced filtering options.


Grids offer powerful on-demand reporting and access to canned system reports.

Control Panel


We’ve provided you with total control over how Hedgehog is used by your agency. Administration tools allow you to define everything from security to drop-down lists to custom forms and templates.


Create new models, move existing models from test to production environments, and share templates with other agencies as easily as you save and distribute any other computer file.


The Nexus is the communication hub for tracking anything that is not routinely scheduled such as complaints, service requests, plan reviews, media inquiries, and incidents.


Call center staff can easily track all Nexus issues.


Any inventoried facility can be linked to a Nexus issue.


Review all historical activities associated with a Nexus issue.


Hedgehog uses reliable, cutting-edge technology to deliver a robust, scalable and secure solution.


Hedgehog is developed on the Microsoft .NET Framework and supported on a Microsoft SQL Server database platform. Hedgerow offers optional cloud-based hosting services via Microsoft Azure.


Hedgehog is an n-tier application that can be distributed across multiple servers, or consolidated on a single server. Client-server communication is secure via a certificate-encrypted connection. Hedgehog login supports role-based security and Windows™ authentication.

Hedgehog Disclosure Site

The public transparency source.

A disclosure website that allows members of the public to search for, and view, the latest facility inspection details. The Disclosure Site integrates with Hedgehog, and can be configured to disclose any facility inspection type. Constituents no longer need to use your front office staff to access public right-to-know information. The Disclosure Site can also be utilized by the public to submit online complaints.

Key Features


Meet public expectations and mandated requirements for timely access to inspection results.


The public can research businesses close to them by viewing your facilities on familiar Google™ maps.


Anyone with access to the Internet can view the results of the latest inspections performed at their favorite restaurant prior to making a reservation.


Disclose only those program areas, facilities, and inspections you choose. The ability to quarantine information until approved to be published.

Hedgehog Portal

The online services framework.

The web-based data sharing framework that allows your agency to offer online services to regulated businesses. With the Portal, regulated facilities can pay fees online, process permit renewals online, submit online applications for review and approval, and much more. The Portal brings e-government full circle, and integrates seamlessly with the Hedgehog database.

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