Hedgehog.Net is an n-tier Web-enabled application with a rich, full-featured user interface that far exceeds the capabilities of browser-based applications.


Flexible and advanced filtering capabilities.


Work in the field, with wireless connectivity or offline. Locally stores changes while offline. When reconnected, will automatically synchronize work done while offline.

Application Security

Multiple levels of security. Role-based access to workflows. Windows or application-based authentication. Restrict service providers by work area.

Audit Trail

Full audit trail tracks all data and configuration changes.

The Dashboard

To Do List

A powerful workload management tool, this “at-a-glance” assistant is a snapshot of your current responsibilities or your team's progress (for managers).

Timely Issues

Configure what you need to see, when you need to see it:
Routine inspections.
Follow-up infractions.
Open issues.
Confined animals (rabies).


See the status of any emails generated from within Hedgehog.Net. The software will let you know if emails were sent successfully, or if there was trouble. Notifications makes sure you know if people needing information receive it.


Generate a variety of charts and graphs, all of which allow exporting of the underlying data for quick analysis.

The Management Centres

Familiar Interface

Organized to look and feel like other popular Microsoft software, it's easy to create, review or update records from each main management centre.

Isolate Information

Google-like searching, filtering, sorting, grouping and saving layouts makes it easy for you to quickly find what you need.

Ad Hoc Reporting

Any information currently displayed can be exported in various formats or printed, creating powerful reporting capabilities.


Many management centres have cross-functionality built into them, so there’s almost always more than one way to access information or start workflows.

The Nexus


Designed for ease of use for call centre staff to track complaints, service requests, rabies incidents and more.


Flexibility to link nexus items with one or more facilities in inventory.

Real-time Log

Reviewing a nexus issue centres around activities performed during the investigation so a full history is available.


Control Panel

Make changes to the master tables for total control over how the application is used— everything from managing dropdown lists to defining business rules.


Moving inspection templates and other custom models from a test to production environment or sharing them with other users is as easy as saving and sharing any other computer file.

Publishing control

Disclose only those program areas, facilities and inspections you choose based on criteria such as facility type or inspection type.


Microsoft.Net Framework

Hedgehog.Net uses the latest technology and development techniques to be robust, scalable and secure.


Each component that forms a part of the application can be distributed across multiple servers in a larger organization, or smaller clients can economize by configuring the system to run everything from the same server.


Communication between the application server component and the client application is secured via a certificate-encrypted connection.

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