Hedgehog Disclosure

Simple to install, Hedgehog Disclosure is our disclosure website that optimizes an agency’s online presence and offers complete integration with Hedgehog.Net.

Disclosure can be extended to allow for a custom-built website with an interface to the client’s Hedgehog.Net and third-party applications. It allows for public access to information as well as private access to data in a secure environment.


Meet public expectations and mandated requirements for timely access to inspection results.


Anyone with access to the internet can view the results of the latest inspections performed at their favorite restaurant prior to making a reservation.

Google™ Maps

The public can research businesses close to them by viewing your facilities on familiar Google™ maps.

Inspection Quarantine

Inspections have an additional layer of disclosure called ‘quarantine’. Any inspection with a default disclosure setting of quarantine will not be published to the disclosure site without manual intervention.


Microsoft .Net Framework

An ASP.NET MVC 3 Web application (the disclosure website itself), along with a WCF service capable of accepting data from the Hedgehog.Net application server.


Receive and display data from one or several publishing sources.


Secured by an X.509 certificate encrypted connection and authorized for publishing to the server by way of an identifying factor to ensure the validity of the data being published

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